What’s the best way to 2015? With a few goals to achieve, a positive outlook, and in a cute pair of boots, of course! Brides and bridesmaids in cowgirl boots are becoming more common, and sundresses are made to be worn with boots. It’s easy to add cowgirl boots to your winter wardrobe, too.

Winter Boots Outfit

Incorporating cowgirl boots into your everyday cold-weather attire can be a bit tricky for some, because it can require a little more thought than in summer, when you can pull them on with a dress and go. The website Stylecaster offers some tips for newbies: “The trick to wearing cowboy boots as a city slicker (or aspiring city slicker) is to incorporate them into your style as it already is, as opposed to dressing around the boots.” 

The site, whose mission is to bring style to the people, gives some specific examples:

  • If you typically dress in all black, and lean toward a rocker vibe, switch the biker boots for western ones to give your black jeans and leather jacket a trendy update. 
  • For women who tend more toward feminine styles like tidy, tailored pieces and mini skirts, adding cowgirl boots can be a great way to mix it up: black tights, plus a pencil skirt, a sleek turtleneck and a fitted jacket.

There are endless ways to wear cowgirl boots. For some visuals of styles from punk and urban to boho and athletic, check out the StyleCaster slideshow, then shop lovethoseboots.com to find the perfect pair for your look!

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