Now that you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and invest in a pair of high-quality genuine leather boots you might be wondering what to look for. Not all leather boots are created equally, but when you use these smart and simple tips, you can be sure that your new pair will last you through every country concert, outdoor wedding and other fun event that comes your way.

         Make sure that they’re authentic. While many boots may look like leather, unless they’re marked with the stamp “Genuine Leather”, they’re not the real deal. Be          sure to read the description carefully to make sure that the boots you’re about to buy are made of real leather.

         Choose something timeless. You might be tempted to splurge on a cute pair of trendy fringe-covered boots, but when you’re making a boot investment, you                  want something that will never go out of style. Look for leather boots with smooth, clean lines, minimal details and a classic color like black or brown.

classic western boots

 slouchy boots

         Pick the perfect fit. Measure your foot before purchasing your boots. Even if you’re shopping online, you’ll find information about the fit (such as if the boots run            wide or narrow) in the product description section.

        Inspect the details. Take a close-up look at the stitching and the rubber sole on the boots. If you notice any separation or areas of weakness, don’t purchase                   them.

        When in doubt, choose a respected name. Brands like AriatJustin, and Laredo are all reliable options for leather boots.

quality boots


Do you have any secrets for choosing the perfect pair of high quality leather boots? Leave your advice in the comments section, or post a photo of your favorite Love Those Boots leather boots.