First, there is one thing to remember about wearing your boots with a dress and that is, the boots are the star!   You are likely wearing a dress to show off your boots.  Cowboy boots typically have patterns and can be so intricately designed with color inlays, this is what you should be highlighting. So here are some helpful tips to remember when selecting your attire. 

Length matters:  Ideally, the dress will hit you right above your knees.  This gives your boots maximum showcase, you get to tease a little leg without revealing too much. Shorter than that and you are treading close to the "risque"area of fashion.  If you go short we suggest keeping the skirt loose.  If you are a bit more modest, or the event requires you to be so, just below the knee works too.   If it works for the dress adding a belt to define your waist would look great with a tea length dress. 

Long dresses are doable, though we suggest finding one with an asymmetrical hem (short in front, long in back) to make sure the focus stays on the boot.  If you select a full maxi dress your boots just won't be making the same impact they could otherwise.

Prints v. Solids: This is the great part of cowboy boots, they are versatile.  If you have a wide selection of boots in your closet a nice whiskey brown boot looks great and classic with print dresses and solids.  If you have a special pair of boots with lots of colors in you might want to pick a dress that compliments the colors in your boots.   White or cream dresses are clean and classic always, lace or eyelets will really pop with the contrast of the cowboy boots. What is always amazing is how a pair of cowboy boots can boost the femininity of a dress.

Don't over accessorize, adding the cowboy hat might be tempting but can turn your cute outfit into a halloween costume quickly.  A chunky leather belt to define your waist like we suggested is good.  Don't forget to grab a sweater or your denim jacket if it's going to be cool. 

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