It's that time of year when wedding invitations can start pouring through the mailbox, but the most important question is, what to wear? Putting together the perfect wedding guest outfit can take time and effort. As a wedding guest you always want to look chic while still being comfortable. Dressing as a guest to a western wedding isn’t really difficult as it looks. The key is to find they perfect dress to go along with your perfect cowboy boots. Most country weddings take place outdoors, and in the heat of the summer, making a light dress a must.

Country Sweet 

Embrace your feminine side by choosing a lace dress. A big trend this season is colored lace, which can make quite a statement. Try to stray away from the traditional black and white lace dress, and head for bright colors like pinks, reds, and blues. Top this fun look off with natural accessories and a pair of classic cowboy boots

Flirty Floral Prints

Floral prints are classic, stylish, and colorful all at the same time. Any floral print you choose will make a big statement, so complete the look with a neutral pair of cowboy boots and

Fun With Colors

Cowboy boots are a statement themselves; so don’t be afraid to express your personality with your footwear. Keep the focus on your boots by opting for a bight colors or textures. Pair this look with a simple solid colored dress.

From floral dresses to lace, a country wedding is an opportunity to go the traditional yet stylish route - cute dresses, girly accessories and of course a stylish pair of western boots. has a great selection of western boots that will wow with any outfit. Visit us online; follow us on Instagram @lovethoseboots, and like us on Facebook today.