Once the weather starts to cool down and the smell of bonfires fills the air, you know that it’s almost time to pack up the truck and head out to that first tailgate. But what’s a girl to pack to stay prepared for everything from that first cold one to the last touchdown? Well, this Southern girl’s tailgate checklist will tell you everything that you need to know about packing for the big game—including exactly what to wear!


  • Your favorite jeans. These will keep you looking (and feeling) your best all day and night.
  • A comfortable pair of cowgirl boots. Low-heeled Western boots are the perfect footwear choice, as they’ll keep you feeling supported while still looking stylish.

comfort boots

  • A cozy sweater. Layer up so that you can remove items if you start to get too hot (and vice versa).
  • Your beverage of choice. Don’t like beer? No sweat! Pack your own drinks to ensure that you sip on something you like.
  • A reliable cooler. To keep those beverages cold, pack them in ice in a small but sturdy cooler.
  • A snuggly blanket. It can get cold sitting in those stands, so pack a blanket that you can tuck into your bag and pull out once the sun goes down.
  • Hair products. Does your hair look less than fresh after a long day of tailgating? Pack a mini hairspray, some bobby pins and a brush for touch-ups once you get inside the stadium.
  • A travel makeup kit. The same goes for your makeup, although you’ll likely enjoy keeping things light at such a laid-back event.
  • A granola bar. If you start to get hungry before kickoff (and after all the burgers are gone), you’ll be thankful that you thought to pack a snack.
  • A camera. Your smartphone might not cut it for those large group shots and far-away game time photos, so be sure to pack a reliable digital camera.

If you wear a pair of Love Those Boots boots to a tailgate this fall, be sure to tell us about it or post a photo in the comments below!