Summer may be just about over, but that first chill of fall brings with it a jolt of excitement for what’s to come. The autumn season is filled with fun activities that will take you outdoors, into the barn and even out to the football stadium, but it’s just as much fun to stay snuggled up at home on a chilly fall evening. Here are just a few of our favorite fall activities to get you in that autumnal state of mind.

  1. Football games. There’s nothing better than bundling up to grill hamburgers and cheer on the home team once football season comes back around. All you’ll need is a comfortable pair of Western boots, your favorite team’s jersey and a friend with a pickup truck.
  2. Bonfires. Before the weather gets too cold, invite your friends over to roast marshmallows and strum a few guitars around a bonfire in your backyard.

      3.Hikes. Get outside during the first light of morning and watch the sun rise over a local hiking trail. Now that the weather has cooled down and the             leaves are changing colors, it makes an especially enjoyable time for hiking.

      4.Cozy date nights. Grab your sweetheart and plan a night out to dinner and movie, or even embark on an adventurous trip to a haunted house.Wear          your favorite chunky sweater and a pair of stylish boots for a cute and casual date night outfit.

date night     

      5.Apple picking. Look up local apple orchards in your area and round up some friends for a fun afternoon outdoors. Best of all, you can make pies,            cobblers and apple cider with the apples you bring home.

      6.Drive-in movies. The fall season also sees the last of the year’s drive-in movies, so toss a few blankets in the back of a pickup truck and head              out to an old-fashioned double feature.

      7.Trick-or-Treating. Even if you’re too old to trick-or-treat yourself, handing out candy to the neighborhood kids is just as fun and enjoyable. Just               don’t forget to wear your own scary costume!

      8.Country concerts. Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean that there are no more concerts! They may move from the outdoor arena to an              indoor venue, but it’s still just as much fun to check out your favorite acts live in concert.