When it comes to Western boots, it’s all in the details. Minimalism may be a fleeting trend, but fans of classic cowboy boots know that the more intricate your boots are, the more beautiful they look. These types of boots are known for the embroidered prints and patterns, gleaming studs and even patches of color that make each pair unique, and when you’re choosing the perfect ones, it helps to know what to look for ahead of time. Here are a few of the most popular details that you’ll find when shopping for Western boots.

  1. Embroidery. Embroidery is a classic detail that’s been used on cowboy boots since they were first invented, and it’s only gotten more elaborate over the years. You’ll often find boots with embroidered vines and filigree, but it’s not uncommon to find even more intricate details like roses or crosses embroidered on the sides. Embroidery often matches the boot leather or comes in a color that’s just a shade or two different, but if you’re going for a truly eye-catching look, check out a pair of Western boots that uses bright, bold thread instead.
  2. Studs. For a tough, edgy look, Western boots often feature studs in gleaming shades of gold, bronze or silver. These often accent the edges of the embroidery, but occasionally you’ll find a simpler pair with an understated row of studs along the top or sides.       embroidered and studs
  3. Colored patches. Many modern boot companies like Dan Post Boots or Laredo incorporate bright patches of color to make their boots stand out from the pack. These usually feature patches of color to accent the boot’s all-over leather, but some really wild versions have a half-and-half look with one color on the upper portion and another on the boot’s base.
  4. Vintage wash. If you love the look of vintage cowboy boots, check out a pair that mimics this weathered look by using a faded vintage wash. Brands like Soto Boots and Corral Boots create classic Western boots with all-over fading that look like you’ve been wearing them for years, as well as scuffs and weathering that mimic the look of natural wear. Vintage wash boots are ideal for someone who is looking for the perfect pair to wear to country concerts and country-themed weddings, but they’re not often used for working or riding. vintage wash
  5. Straps and belts. If you’re looking for a pair of boots that really make a stylish statement, options with belts and wraparound straps are truly unique choices. These boots look just like your classic Western boots, but they feature decorative straps around the calf or ankle areas. Colored metal charms, gleaming buckles and even bottle openers hang from the straps, and they’re often designed to match or contrast the rest of the boot’s leather color. Shop brands like Durango to take advantage of this unique look.

 straps and belts