You don’t have to know how to rope and ride to be a cowgirl at heart, and for any woman who loves the look of classic cowboy boots, there’s a pair out there made just for you. Whether this is your first pair of cowboy boots or your fiftieth, it always helps to know a bit about the different types before shopping for a new pair.

Before your next rodeo, country concert or even a Western-themed wedding, learn the ropes about Western boots, ropers and riding boots made just for women. 

Here are the main types of cowboy boots for women.

  1. Cowboy boots. The classic cowboy boot that you’re likely used to seeing features a shaft that measures 10- to 13-inches high and extends to the upper part of the calf, just below the knee. The toe is slightly pointed, and there is usually an angled heel measuring about 1.5 to 2 inches. As for decoration and detail, women’s cowboy boots usually feature all-over embroidery in the form of flowers, vines and other swirling patterns, but they can get as decorative as crosses, angel wings and studded details.                        classic boots
  2. Roper boots. If you’re looking for a more casual pair or something designed for work, the tried-and-true roper boot is also a great option for the hardworking cowgirl. These lower boots have a squared toe and a much more minimal design, and their 1-inch heels are comfortable enough for long days around the barn.
  3. Riding boots. Whether you ride horses in your spare time or you simply love the look of a sleeker pair of boots, Western riding boots are another popular style. These boots have a slim-fitting shaft that is smoother and less decorative than cowboy boots, though it extends just as high or even slightly higher. The heel is also higher than the one on a cowboy boot, typically measuring about 2-inches high.riding boots
  4. Boho fashion boots. For any woman looking for boots to wear to make an edgy, bohemian fashion statement, there are a number of women’s fashion cowboy boots that have become much more popular in recent years. These come from brands like Corral Boots and Soto Boots, and they’re often decorated with quite a bit of studded details, colorful embroidery, colored panels and even detachable belts and straps.boho boots

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