Whether you’re tall, short or somewhere in between, you’ll want to take your height into consideration when choosing the perfect pair of boots. Most Western boots vary in height from knee-height (such as riding boots) to ankle-height (such as more modern booties), and just like with clothes, some styles are more flattering for your figure than others.

Here are some important factors to keep in mind when attempting to choose flattering boots for your height.

  1. Mid-calf boots tend to cut off shorter legs, leaving you looking even shorter. They also tend to add bulk to the bottom portion of the legs. If you’re on the shorter side, you should instead opt for a pair of knee-high boots, which make the legs look sleek and slim, or ankle booties, which leave the rest of the leg exposed in order to elongate your frame.

  2. ankle booties
  3. For taller women, you’re able to wear mid-calf boots without as much of an issue, and they may even balance out your legs for women with shorter torsos. If you have especially long legs, you may want to avoid knee-high boots, as many won’t reach the part of your knees that they are intended to. Instead, ankle booties and classic cowboy boots are great options.

classic height boots

  1. You’ll also want to consider heel height when choosing the perfect pair of boots. If you’re on the shorter side or have short legs, a pair of flat boots may cause you to look somewhat squat. Try something with a stacked heel, not necessarily to add height, but to elongate the legs and create a streamlined look. If you find yourself avoiding anything with a heel due to your height, don’t rule out all heeled boots just yet; instead, choose boots that mimic the flattering look of heels without the added height, such as a pair of cowboy boots with an angled heel. angled heel