It’s no secret that country singers love cowboy boots, but the most popular female country stars of recent years have taken them to a stylish new level. While the boys typically wear them with classic jeans and a matching hat, the ladies get a lot more creative when they strut across the stage in their favorite boots.

If you want to take a bit of style inspiration from some of country music’s most fashionable females, check out these great examples of some of our favorite ladies rocking their trusty cowboy boots.

  • Carrie Underwood. When she’s not taking a Louisville slugger to the headlights of a cheating ex, our favorite blonde bombshell is rocking her boots with cutoff Daisy Dukes and sweet sundresses. While we often see her in a classic pair of black and brown cowboy boots, she’s also been known to wear fringe-covered riding boots for a more bohemian look.
  • Miranda Lambert. To go along with her latest “Little Red Wagon”, Miss Lambert rocks the red cowboy boots in a really daring and unexpected way. She also loves to show off her legs in a pair of cutoff denim shorts and her trusty bright boots to complete the look.
red cowgirl boots
  • Shania Twain. From her peak in the ‘90s to her recent comeback tour, Shania has been rocking the cowboy boots for as long as we can remember. Take a hint from Miss Twain and wear a pair of sexy stiletto boots with a Western edge.
  • Martina McBride. Martina is known for her simpler style, and she’s always looking fierce in dark colors and edgier outfits.  To get her look, pair your favorite black cowboy boots or brown riding boots with simple jeans and a black top. 

classic boots look