With their classic Western shapes and wide variety of styles ranging from edgy to glamorous, Soto Boots is a versatile brand that just about any boot-wearing fashionista would love. Here at Love Those Boots, we carry a number of handcrafted Soto Boots because we believe in their quality and we know that they’ll last for years.  While their stylish details are what you’ll initially notice about a pair of Soto boots, it’s their comfortable, reliable fit that will make them a staple in your wardrobe.

All Soto brand boots feature 10- to 13-inch shafts for that traditional cowboy boot look, but their toes come in squared or pointed styles, and their heels vary in height from flat to slightly stacked. While most of these boots are made to wear with your favorite cutoffs or a sundress to a country concert, bonfire or football tailgate, Soto Boots also makes reliable Western boots with more minimal looks that you can also wear around the barn.

Here are just a few of our favorite Soto boot styles.

The Fly Away Boot.

With its edgy, sparkling flair and intricate details, the Fly Away boot is a great example of Soto’s high fashion sense. This unique pair of women’s cowboy boots is made of your choice of either tan or black leather with a contrasting brown sole and a stacked heel that creates a truly flattering fit. The exterior of the boot is decorated with embroidered angel wings and crosses stitched using shimmering silver thread and metallic inlay panels, which creates a glamorous look perfect for wearing with skinny jeans, skirts or even your favorite sundress.

fly away boot

The Classic Cowgirl Boot

For the no-nonsense woman looking for a boot that’s really made to last through long days of hard work, this boot really shows what Soto is made out of. It features a 10-inch shaft and a 2-inch heel that keeps you covered and offers ample support, while its supple leather exterior is undeniably beautiful. Subtle embroidery decorates the entire shaft in a color that matches the shade of the leather, and there are even pull-tabs for an easy on and off. Wear them around the barn and then go straight to dinner, because these boots will take you just about anywhere.

classic boots

The Misty Tan Vintage Boot

If your style is more vintage and eclectic, Soto also has you covered with options like the Misty boot, a distressed version of the classic cowgirl boot. The soft, tan leather on these boots also has a weathered look that will make it look like you’ve been wearing them for years. Handcrafted floral embroidery decorates the sides of the 10-inch shaft, and the snip toe creates a fashionable look that’s perfect for summer nights and bonfires. 

misty tan boot

Whether you’re looking for something to wear to work, to wear to dinner or even to wear around the barn, Soto Boots offers a style made for just about every woman. Shop our entire selection of Soto Boots at Love Those Boots to find the perfect pair.