Everybody loves a new pair of cowboy boots, but I dare you to find one person who loves breaking them in. If you've ever spent the day walking in a brand new pair of boots, you know how important it is to break them inSo, what’s the best way to break in that new pair of cowboy boots without destroying your feet or boots in the process? Follow these tips to break in your new boots.

Boot Stretch Spray

Designed to offer a better fit and more room, boot stretch stray is a moderately inexpensive option that is quick and easy. Not all stretch spray is safe for all leather types, so make sure to read the label before purchasing. With this method, your boot will not go up in size, but stretch the leather on the top, sides, and shaft of the boot.

Boot Stretchers

Boot stretchers are shoe forms that easily slide into your boot and stretch the leather from front to back; heel to toe. If you need more room across the foot of your boot as well, use boot stretchers along with stretch spray. When using this method, start small, once it’s stretched out, there is no undoing it.

Seek Out a Professional

If you want the quickest and easiest ways to break in your new boots is to take them to a professional boot cobbler. Equipped with tools and experience, a cobbler knows exactly where your boots are too tight. This method offers a more custom fit.

Breaking in your boots may take up to a couple of weeks, but it's an investment well worth it to achieve a comfortable fit and prevent blisters. At lovethoseboots.com we carry a large selection of boots that you’ll be sure to love. Visit us online, follow us on Instagram @lovethoseboots and Facebook today.