Wearing cowgirl boots in the winter is a fantvacation bootsastic way to keep your feet warm and look great, though practical, not as fun as pairing it with our favorite dress. During the colder months, even in the warmest parts of the country, it can be hard to find temps warm enough to pull off this look with a sundress. But if you’re part of the large portion of the population planning for a winter getaway, wearing your cowgirl boots to the airport is an easy way to transition from the cold to a warmer climate, while ensuring versatility for your warm-weather vacation.

During the winter, thousands of Americans hightail it to places where sand and sun are the norm—the Bahamas, Hawaii and Mexico top the list of most desirable destinations. Between airfare and hotel, or cruise fees, it can be a challenge to keep costs down. One way to spend less is by saving on luggage, by packing less. Choose items that are useful and versatile. Boots fit this bill to a T! A good pair of boots can be comfortable and easy to walk in, perfect for a day of shopping in port. They can be worn with a dress or skirt for dinner, and, unlike flip-flops, will protect your feet during excursions to places where the conditions may be questionable.