You don’t have to be a real cowboy or cowgirl to wear cowboy boots. Western boots are now a stylish form of footwear and they're not just for people out wrangling cattle on the ranch, anymore. Besides being good for wrangling and roping, these boots are popular because of their durability, practicality and rugged, individual styles. The best cowboy boots are well made, beautifully stitched and offer protection and comfort. Authentic cowboy boots are usually a great investment: they last for years, and get better with every wear.

Be cautious if looking at lesser-known western boot brand, they may or may not be of such dependable quality. Make sure to find out if the entire boot is made of real leather. Some of the cheapest models don’t use leather at all, but have a shaft and upper made of vinyl or composite materials instead of natural leathers. Boots of this nature are uncomfortable and will not breathe, plus they lack that genuine leather smell and feel.

If you’re looking to purchase a new pair of cowboy boots, why not go with the best you can get? Boots should be comfortable as well as stylish. Whether you’re wearing them for function on the farm or are strapping on a pair for a night on the town, check out these three popular brands of boots: like Ariat, Justin, or Corral, you’re sure to be satisfied with. 

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