Summer is finally here and outdoor summer concerts are in full swing.  A pair of stylish, full of attitude and spunk, with more personality than flip flops cowboy boots and a concert are a match made in heaven.  You actually can't go wrong with whatever style of boot you choose. They all have their pros and cons that may fit you and your personality and it depends on how you'll be wearing them more than others.  So here is a quick overview of some choices you have and why we think they're great. 

Corral Western/Vintage boots - These beauties are classic shaped with pointed toe and long shaft.  With intricate designs, embroidery and inlays once you tuck your jeans in, they are sure to steal the show. A heel keeps you "on your toes" and feeling extra feminine.

Gypsy/Fatbaby boots - These are a little more work, but no less flash! They have a shorter shaft, a rounded toe and the sole has treads and a smaller heel to keep you sturdy on your feet. With plenty of bright colors and embroidered designs to choose from .

Ankle boots - For those of you in hotter climates that aren't so keen on throwing on a tight pair of jeans and tall boots to keep you toasty warm, ankle boots are a great option.  Also great if you want to show off your tanned and toned legs in a sundress or skirt.  They have the looks of a western boots with so many colors to choose, buckles and embroidering there is sure to be one to fit with your style.

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