Tall riding boots are such a fashion staple right now, since they got their inspiration from cowboy boots, why not take a look at buying the original, real thing?   Cowboy boots are made to withstand weather, dirt, mud, a stomp from a horse (hopefully a very light toe stomping! Eek!) They climb barn ladders, they keep your feet warm and dry, they are easy to clean, but even when dirty it just gives them a little authentic charm.  Cowgirl boots are made a number of ways nowadays.  You can choose more of a working boot with some colorful flare, like these Justin Gypsy boots with a sturdier sole but all kinds of attitude. 

You can choose more of a fashion boot with a tall shaft and variety of embroidery, studding or buckles. These have more of a heel and a smooth sole, like these Corral Vintage boots, can still get you through a work day and take you straight out for dinner in town. If your a hard working country girl that gets the job done but wants to look good ding we've got a boot for you.  If you're a little more City girl that likes the attitude and style of a cowboy boot, we've got one for you too. Whatever your style choice, or maybe you can't decide so you get one of each kind, LoveThoseBoots is the place to go to find the pair for you.