Lovers of Western wear have come a long way since the cowboy days of the past. Nowadays, Western accessories are chic, stylish and even found on the runways at some of the world’s biggest fashion shows. Whether you’re looking to create a high fashion look with a Western flair or simply to dress up your usual laid-back, country style, Love Those Boots has you covered with all of the best accessories to give you that down-home look that you love.

The Boots
Anyone will tell you that a great pair of go-to cowboy boots is the first thing you need to perfect your Western look. Choose a pair by a reliable brand like Ariat, Justin or Corral, or pick something with fun fringe and other eye-catching elements by names like Dan Post. No matter which pair you choose, this fancy footwear choice looks great with everything from jeans to dresses.

rounded toe boot

The Hat 
Next, top things off with a traditional Western hat. These wide-brim creations have a classic cowboy or cowgirl style, but they come in a variety of variations perfect for anyone’s personal style. Choose a classic ten-gallon hat, a breezy straw hat or even something with turquoise accessories for a more decorative look.


The Belt
Any good cowboy or cowgirl knows that the belt is an essential component to the outfit, and not just for functional purposes. Try something in supple leather that’s meant to last, and be sure to add the perfect decorative belt buckle to show off with a tucked-in shirt. Whether you choose something with ornate engraving and studded details or a belt with a simpler, classic look, it’s sure to catch everyone’s eye.

The Bandana
To really accessorize your look, wear a tried-and-true bandana in a variety of different ways. Tie one around your neck to keep cool during a hot summer’s day, slip one into the back pocket of your jeans in case you need it later or even use it as a headband when you’re not wearing a hat.

The Jewelry 
For men and women, jewelry can be a really stylish addition to your Western look. By investing in pieces made of high quality silver and other durable materials, you’ll slowly build a collection that will last for years to come. You can’t go wrong with a large turquoise ring, a pair of dangling silver earrings or a bolo tie for those formal occasions. 

Whether you’re a lifelong horseback rider or someone who just loves the look of classic Western wear (and the occasional country concert), it’s easy to create a stylish Western outfit if you have the right accessories. Pair these essential items with a sturdy pair of great-fitting jeans and a plaid shirt, or use them to jazz up your favorite sundress for a casual summer look. The whole outfit hinges on the perfect pair of Western boots, so shop Love Those Boots’ selection from JustinAriat and others to get started.