Getting ready for your Friday night date night and not sure if you should wear the cowboy hat? There are a few things to consider before throwing it on and walking out the door.  Are you going out somewhere fancy or a little more casual.  General hat etiquette says that you remove your hat upon arrival to a location.  If it a nice fancy restaurant you leave it off.  Even if it's more casual and you replace it upon your head, etiquette says you remove it before sitting down for dinner - crown down, brim up. 

Depending on where you live in the world these rules of hat etiquette may have fallen by the wayside.  Deep in the heart of Texas the rules of wearing a hat are strictly followed. A lot of women tend to disregard the rules of etiquette these days cause they wear their hat for fashion purposes mainly and if they take it off they'd have hat hair or the outfit is just incomplete.  If you are going out with your sweetie to a country bar for a night of two-steppin' then by all means you wear that hat girl. If you are going on for a fancy special occasion night and still want to wear your hat then by all means rock your own style, but remember the rules of etiquette so you don't offend anyone.  Check out our stock of cowboy hats at and find the one that will make you feel special.