Will ankle boots be a blip in fashion? They are versatile and can be worn with almost everything.  You may not realize how many things you already own that would look fabulous and create a whole new look with a pair of ankle boots. pair them with skinny jeans or leggings for casual get-together's to really highlight the boots.  They can even get dressy with a sleek black pencil skirt and dressy button down shirt for the work day. Style short skirts with ankle boots and brighten the look with a pair of colorful tights. The great thing about ankle boots is that they can go from day to night with little fuss.  Socks can even be paired to keep an outfit casual, but choose a neutral color.  You don't want to visually cut your legs off at the ankle and creates a weird proportion.

We find it hard to believe that fantastic looking footwear with so many possible combinations will ever just be a blip.  With so many colors and styles we for one couldn't be happier these boots are getting the spotlight.  Find a pair that’s going to make an impact on your style at LoveThoseBoots.