Looking for a fun new way to mix up your usual Western style in the New Year? Love Those Boots has you covered with three unique new boot styles that you may not have considered before. While your classic cowboy boots are great go-to options for everyday wear, these fashionable pairs are perfect for your next big country concert, tailgate or another special occasion.

The Roper Boot
If you’re looking for a boot style that’s completely different from your usual pair, the roper is a great choice. The shape doesn’t get much different from the standard cowboy shape; with its shorter, stouter shaft in the lower heel, roper boots are fun and comfortable alternatives to pointed-toe boots. Roper boots also usually have simpler designs and less ornate details than other Western styles, which make them great options for people with laid-back style. 

roper boots

The Squared Toe 
If you’re looking for a new pair of boots that doesn’t stray too far from the classic cowboy style, try something with a squared toe. There are a number of squared toe boots from your favorite boot brands that have the same higher shaft and embossed details as other cowboy boots, or you may also like biker-style boots with squared toes and simple harness details.

square toe bots

The Colorful Boot
If you’ve never owned a pair of wild and wonderful cowboy boots in a bright, eye-catching color, this may be the year to try out this daring style. While most of these pairs feature the same brown or black leather base, they also have large portions of bright pink, blue or green along the shaft. Some even feature American flag designs, floral patterns or colorful stitching that adds an artistic flair to your Western boots. 

colorful boot

Treat yourself to a brand new pair of boots as a New Year’s gift — just make sure you go for something a bit out of the ordinary!