The American flag is something we’re accustomed to seeing on clothing—whether it’s on a T-shirt or flannel pants, a bikini or headband. Sometimes a question is raised about whether the American Flag should be used on certain items. We need only to look back at the Ralph Lauren-designed Team USA outfits for the 2012 Olympics featuring flags-flags-and-more-flags (or visit any department store’s clothing section in early July) to realize it’s more than acceptable—and well within our constitutional rights—to wear the stars and stripes.

And Old Glory continues to show up in new and unexpected places, like on boots! At this year’s Western/English Trade Show (one of the country’s best equestrian wholesale and retail tradeshows), flag boots were a huge success, and an accessory we will definitely be seeing more of, and soon. The look is vintage and distressed leather, a worn-in and relaxed look with just the right amount of heel. Stars and stripes at the top show some flare with a skirt or leggings, smaller stars at the toe give a more subdued look when paired with jeans.

American flag boots have traditionally been more in the domain of men’s footwear, but Spring 2015 will see a surge of this adorable style for the ladies, too! Whatever your inspiration, LoveThoseBoots.com has a boot to fit your foot and match your style. Visit us online to check out our selection of women's boots to be on trend for Spring 2015!