Cowboy Boots Photo Ops for Your Country Wedding

Planning a country wedding? Congratulations! You've probably already got a vision of your perfect dress with some great boots to go with it. Now it's time for the detailed planning, right? Aside from the venue, the food, music and flowers, one of the biggest decisions you'll make is the photography.

If you want to truly capture the country essence of your big day, pick a skilled photographer and talk with him or her about your vision. For inspiration, here are some cowboy boot pictures you will definitely want to have for your country wedding album!

For "Save The Date" Cards

This is the first opportunity you'll have to give your friends and family a little taste of what your wedding will be all about, so make it count! While you're taking your engagement photos, bring along your boots (if you're not already wearing them!). Write the wedding date on the bottom and kick those boots up front and center.

Country Wedding Save the date idea 

Kick up your heels! Source 

You can use black or white effectively depending on the color of your boots. White will look great on dark soles, black will work best on light soles. Be creative in the way you pose! One way to do it is to have your sweetheart hold you while you showcase "Save The Date" on one boot and the wedding date on the other. Or you could both show off the information on the bottom of your boots while sitting down.


Country Wedding Save the Date Kick Back 

Or kick back! Source

Remember to be playful as you showcase your love. The cuter the better when it comes to Save The Date!

Boots + Bouquet

At the wedding, your boots play a big role in creating that country essence. Together with your bouquet, they show off your style and complete your wedding dress. So take an opportunity to capture that essence! Before you toss the bouquet, take a photo of your boots with your bouquet.

Boots and Bouquet Country Wedding Photo Op 

Vintage furniture is a nice touch. Source

 Boots and Bouquet Country Wedding Photo Op 2 Boots and Bouquet Country Wedding Photo Op 3

Capture everything bold and beautiful about your country style. Source


Lovely alternatives include adding in your veil or doing a photo with the bridesmaids' boots and their bouquets. Whatever you do, capture your unique style!

The Boots and The Dress

If you're like a lot of brides, you've been dreaming about the dress since you were a little girl playing dress-up. A favorite modern bridal photo op is a hanging or draped gown. If your wedding is country, it's only natural to include your boots in this type of shot. It might just be one of your favorite photos!

Boots and Draped Wedding Dress  

You could drape the dress on a piece of furniture and set your boots and bouquet in front.

 Hanging Boots and Bridal Party Dresses Country Wedding

You could hang the dress along with your bridesmaids', complete with everyone's boots below.

Boots and Bridesmaids

After the many months of planning, the wedding day itself goes by in a blur. Your bridesmaids are your best friends. They are a big part of the planning and the big day, so don't forget to get some great shots with them, capturing your friendship. You can do some great group photos showing off your boots!


Bridal Party Showing Off Boots at Country Wedding

Kick up your boots proudly!


Bridal Party Showing Off Boots at Country Wedding 

Show off everyone's country flair.

Have Fun and Share Your Flair!

At the end of the day, you'll want your wedding photography to capture all the romantic fun you had. We would love to see some of that fun and the creative ways you showcased your boots at your wedding! To inspire others, share images with us on Instagram #lovethoseboots #bootsoverheels and tag us @lovethoseboots, or post pictures on our Facebook page