Planning your next family photo? It can be hard to dress people of all genders and ages in a similar way, but it’s not impossible — and in fact, it can be really fun. Add a Western influence to your group photos with styling tips and tricks from the Love Those Boots blog.

Jeans and T-Shirts 
For more casual family photos at the beach or on the farm, you can’t go wrong with matching dark denim and great fitting white T-shirts. You won’t even have to buy anything new, since you can bet that just about everyone already owns these two classic items. Finish off the look with a pair of Western boots for menwomen and children

All Denim Ensembles 
For an even more matching look with a bit more of a Western feel, try head-to-toe denim on every member of the family. Young girls can wear denim skirts or dresses, while the women in the family can wear matching chambray button-down tops with their skirts or jeans. For the men and the boys, dark blue jeans look great with contrasting light denim shirts, and everyone will look great in their trusty leather boots.

Perfect Plaid 
For fall or winter photo shoots, try dressing everyone in matching flannel shirts. Buffalo plaid has a classic look that never goes out of style, or if you’re shooting for a more eclectic look, tell everyone to wear their own favorite plaid shirts in whatever color they like. Keep things simple with jeans on the bottom, and be sure to add cowboy boots or leather riding boots for everyone.

Hats Off 
Aiming for a close-up shot for your family photos? Tell everyone to wear his or her favorite cowboy or cowgirl hats. Wear dark or light T-shirts to create a seamless look below the neck, and then let the wide-brim Western hats shine on top.