As any fashionista will tell you, there are very few things that go better with jeans than a pair of trendy, fashionable cowgirl boots. This match made in heaven will not only up your style game, it will also get you compliments wherever you go. The only question left; what cowboy boots go best with blue jeans?

When choosing the right pair of cowboy boots, the truth to the matter is; there is no right answer. Everyone is unique and must rely on your own innate fashion sense when choosing what is right for you. However there are a few guidelines you can follow.

Dark Jeans

When going out for a night on the town, or just trying to dress things up, darker jeans tend to be more on the dressy side. Consider pairing your dark, tailored jeans, with a pair of your boldest boots. Whether decked out with studs and buckles, or bright vivid colors, dark denim is the way to go.

Light Jeans

Having trouble deciding on which boots to wear with your everyday jeans? Try pairing light pastels such as pink or light teal. The contrast with your light faded jeans goes perfectly. 

Tapered Jeans

Have a pair of amazing boots that you just need to show off? Try a tapered or skinny jean.  By wearing a more formfitting jean, you can easily tuck the ends of your jeans into your boots, this perfect pair makes it all the more easy to show off your stylish cowgirl boots.

By following these simple guidelines, you can show the world you know exactly how to pair any cowgirl boot with any pair of jeans. At, we have a great selection of cowgirl boots that will look great with any pair of jeans. Visit us online; follow us on Instagram @lovethoseboots, and like us on Facebook today.