If you’re not exactly the business professional kind of gal, you can get away with looking professional and still casual with a few smart style tips. In fact, you can even wear your favorite cowgirl boots to a laid-back office setting — so long as you style them in a way that’s a bit more formal than you usual barn clothes, that is. Here are a few tips for wearing boots to the office, only from the Love Those Boots blog.

  1. Choose a pair of dark colored slacks in a slim-fitting style. This way, you can tuck your boots underneath with only the toes exposed, enabling you to wear your boots without letting them take center stage. Pair black boots with grey or black slacks, or if you own brown boots, pair them with some nice tan or navy blue slacks. 
  2. On top, add a button-down shirt in a simple white shade or with classic pinstripes. You can wear this tucked in for more formal settings, or leave it crisp and untucked if your office is more casual. 

  1. For especially casual offices, skip the button-down and wear a simple sweater instead. Short sleeve styles are cool and comfortable in warm weather, while long-sleeved sweaters will keep you warm and cozy all winter long. 

  1. Complete your look with a matching blazer that ties the whole outfit together. You can button it up with the undershirt’s collar exposed for a more professional look, or leave it unbuttoned to wear to and from your office to keep warm.
  2. You don’t need a lot of accessories for a day at the office, but it is a great way to add some of your personality to a professional outfit. Try a long, pendant-style necklace over a sweater, or if you choose a button-down shirt, pair it with a simple gold or silver chain and matching hoop earrings.