Yes, that time of year has arrived once again; the time when everyone stresses over what to give and how much to spend. It can be agony. However, it can be fun too. How would you like to be the gift giver that everyone adores? Of course you would. Everybody does. Then, how about boots?

One year, a family member sent out an email around Thanksgiving requesting everyone’s shoe size. Weird huh? Well, in the spirit of the holiday season, everyone complied. On Christmas, each person received a pair of snow boots. It truly was the gift that kept on giving unlike some. That year happened to be a particularity long and snowy winter and the boots came in handy. They did for many winters to come after that. Whenever I pulled out the boots I thought of the gift giver with a smile.

Giving that special person or persons on your list a pair of boots really isn’t as hard or as expensive as you think especially when it comes to cowboys and cowgirls. Today’s contemporary styles offer some fabulous choices that look fabulous and last. Don’t you want to give a present that will give the person you care about years of enjoyment?

Ankle boots are super-hot this year. They look adorable with jeans, skirts, dresses and even shorts. A pair in a neutral color like black that the recipient can pair with a whole host of outfits in her closet, makes it an ideal gift. 

ankle boot

When it comes to price range, it really depends on what you want to spend. There are boot options available that are pricey and others that are more affordable. You can even find boots for gifts that are under $100.

black pointed boots

Whether you are searching for a unique gift for your significant other or a present for the little cowgirl or cowboy in your life, consider a pair of boots. All you need is to take a peek at their shoe size. It’s as simple as that.

To complete the look, add on a Western hat. We have fun styles for gals and kids.

felt hat

Don’t let your gift be the one that gets regifted. Have yours be the gift that keeps of giving every time the person puts them on.

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