Cowboy boots aren't musically biased. It's true! A lot of people make the mistake in thinking that because they don't listen to Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney or Garth Brooks that they can't wear a pair of boots to another concert. This old school notion that it "wouldn't be right" or "I wouldn't fit in" are outdated fashion thoughts!! In fact I think boots should be the official shoe choice of concert goer's everywhere this summer for two reasons:

Reason 1: Protection
Nothing is going to protect your toes like a pair of boots. No chance of being sliced by a broken bottle. You won't return home and find your feet blacked with dirt and boots are easy to clean. Therefore no pre-bed time foot scrubbing on the side of your tub. Ditch the flip flops and sandals that you think show off your cute pedicure. The boys only notice that when they look down after they've spilled beer on your feet. Boys will take notice of some eye catching boots without having to waste any beer.

Reason 2: Hello! They go with everything!
I can't think of a single outfit cowboy boots wouldn't go with. My favorite summer concert pick would be a super cute floral dress with a short ankle bootie. Grab a light coat for cool nights and it still looks cute. Jeans, um hello? Do I really have to convince you that boots and Jeans go together.... I don't know what is more rock-n-roll than jeans tucked into these vintage Dan Post cowboy boots! These beautiful boots are colorful and detailed from distressed goatskin leather.

Ditch the comfortable running shoes that you only hope blend into your outfit and ditch those tired flip flops that are little more helpful in protecting your feet than painting your feet to look like you have shoes on. Boots are your fashion friend ladies!