It may not be commonly known, but cowboy hats were invented for more than just good looks. Back in the days of John B. Stetson you wore a hat while outside working. In the winter they wore warm felt hats that protected from moisture and cold and straw hats in the summer to protect from heat and sun. Seems logical, as necessity is the mother of all inventions. Nowadays there seems to be an infinite variety of crease and brim combinations to choose from. Cowboy hats are a very individualized and personal possession.

Since most of us speed directly past "sun kissed glow" and go straight for sunburn with the oh so attractive outline from where your sunglasses were... AKA "raccoon eyes" or "super hero mask", save your skin this summer. Add a cowboy hat with some flair, some style that doubles as your skin protector (I am by no means endorsing skipping the sunscreen entirely though, wear it!). Tanned leather looks best when shaped into boots!!

With the summer sun just starting to burn bright, now is the time to pick out the hat that is made just for you! If you're rocking the boho hippie trend, a straw hat is the perfect summer accessory to toss on before heading out for that all day festival or concert. Sun protection is no joke and not everyone wants to look like they just came from the beach in a big floppy hat or off the baseball field in a ball cap. Some of us prefer a more laid back, but stylish approach to their headwear. No matter what the day brings, the wide brim of straw cowboy hats provide ample shade for your face and back of your neck and if you're taking a rest: Lay back, drop that hat on top of your face and you got the perfect ratio of light to dark for quick snooze. Find the hat for your sun soaked summer at Love Those Boots today.