It's time to start stocking your fall fashion must-have's we've got the boots that your little girls will love. You will love it too because they are so versatile they can get your little one through the whole year.  Moms and dads, you will feel good knowing their child's feet are comfortable and supported thanks to the durable rubber outsole, walking heel, full leather lining. Summer is winding down, autumn leaves will soon be falling.  There will be hayrides, pumpkin and apple picking which means mud and leaves to trample through.  Snow will be around the corner and cowboy boots are warm and will protect your kiddo's toes on cold days when there isn't that much snow. 

Before you know it, spring will have sprung rain puddles to splash in and soggy grass.  The great news is you've made it through the year with the same pair of boots that your child still wants to wear cause they're comfortable, fashionable and they just love wearing them. Getting through an entire year with the same shoes is a small miracle and a little bit a feat of endurance in the parental world.  No trips to the malls needed for this school supply.  Visit LoveThoseBoots and let your little one pick out their favorite pair today and check one more thing off that To Do List.