Guide to Finding the Perfect Fitting Boots

The Internet has become one the most popular means of shopping. The convenience of not having to leave your home has attracted many consumers. However, when it comes to clothing, we all have that concern of what if it doesn’t fit? Nothing compares going to the store and trying it on for yourself but with today’s busy schedules online shopping has become more practical. In order to make your shopping experience fast and simple, we have compiled a Cowboy Boot Fit Guide to help you find the cowgirl boots that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


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True to Size

Laredo Boots, Dingo Boots, Dan Post Boots and Durango boots generally run true to size. Wear the socks that you would normally wear with your boots, keeping in mind that thick socks may add a half size to the boot fit. Your feet should feel cozy and close-fitting. If you notice some slippage around the heel with your new boots there is no need to worry. After you break in your boots the slippage should disappear over time.


 Smaller Size

Corral boots tend to run a bit narrow so ordering a ½ size larger is recommended. Cowboy boots are designed to feel tight at first. After the first few uses the leather should stretch and match the shape/size of your foot.


Larger Size

Ariat Boots and Justin Boots may run a bit larger. The recommended order size is ½ size smaller or true to size. Even if it’s the same brand, sometimes the style of the boot can make a difference on the fit. While it all depends on personal preference, some people like a snug fit while others like some wiggle room.





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Now that you have an idea of what size to order in regards to length, lets now talk about the size of the width. Standard width for women is “B” (or “M” for “Medium”) and for men is “D”. If your feet are narrow (“A” for women, “B” for men) and the cowboy boots aren’t available in different width sizes then going a ½ size smaller is recommended. For wider feet (“C” for women “EE” for men) going a ½ size larger would be ideal if you can’t find wide cowboy boots.