When that little chill of winter hits the air, thoughts turn to sweaters, scarves and of course, boots. Yes, it’s the time year when the boots need to come out of the back of the closet and take center stage once again. However, if you’re a boot loving girl or gal, the boots never really get pushed to the back of the closet.

Boots can actually be worn for a majority of the year, which is what makes a pair a fabulous present. If you know someone that adores boots as much as we do, then buying a gift is pretty simple. Boots! They’re an ideal present for guys, gals and kids.

You also don’t have to live down south or on a farm to appreciate a great looking pair of cowboy and cowgirl boots. Today’s styles and brands have transcended the way people used to think of cowboy boots.

For the lady on your list, Country Love Boots has some great options. They are the classic cowgirl boots with a modern-day makeover and they come in either black or brown, making them a perfect addition to any wardrobe. Your lady will absolutely adore a pair in either a rounded or pointed toe.

brown pointed toe

Country Love Pointed Toe Boots in Brown

Another stylish pair of boots for gals is the Italia Leather Riding Boot from Soto. It will be love at first sight with these boots. They will look amazing with jeans, skirts and even dresses. Of course, if your gal loves to ride, these babies can go from the stable to dinner afterwards. 

brown italia

Italia Leather Riding Boot from Soto

Forget the gift cards and ugly sweaters this season. Think boots instead. The above mentioned styles are two of our absolute favorites. They will complement a whole host of outfits, are well made and built to last. Either pair is the gift that will keep on giving even when all the wrapping paper has been cleared away.

Both Soto and Country Love Boots also have excellent kid lines. Now, a first pair of cowgirl or cowboy boots under the tree will make an awesome gift that lasts. Top it off with a matching Western hat to complete the look.

Dare to be different this holiday season a give a pair of boots.

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