Halloween is only a few days away and the costume parties are already starting. If you are in need of a last minute costume, dressing up as a cowgirl is great idea for a quick do it yourself costume. Follow the quick tips below and put together a cute outfit that will be money well spent.


Essentials Cowboy Boots and Hat:

Last Minute Cowgirl Halloween Costume

A cowgirl hat and a pair of cowboy boots are essential to putting together a cowgirl DIY costume. If you already own a pair of cowboy boots or cowboy hats, use them! If not this is a great excuse to purchase a new pair. You can find many boots for under $100, such as our Classic Cowgirl Women's Tan Cowboy Boots by Soto Boots M5004. Knock off two birds with one stone, have a sexy and fun Halloween custom and a new go to pair of boots! 

Any kind of cowgirl hat works too. Use this to showcase your own personality and style. You can choose from a Felt Hat, a Straw hat or even a Pink Hat that shows off your girly side. Visit our Western Hats Collection to see which ladies cowboy hat is right for you. 

Putting Your Costume Together

Cowgirl Halloween Costume

Plaid and Flannel is the preferred typed of shirt for a homemade cowgirl outfit. If you want to flaunt a bit, tie the front ends of your shirt into a knot. Denim works well in creating a cowgirl outfit. If the weather is right, you can wear a denim skirt or short shorts, if not go with your go to favorite pair of jeans. Make sure to show off your boots by tucking your jeans into your cowgirl boots!


Halloween Costume Accessories

Are you already a cowgirl and want to add a bit more to your outfit? Well you can pick up a few accessories along the way change it up a bit. Simple things like a red handkerchief or a western belt buckle will exaggerate the cowgirl outfit. You can also wear a police badge and you become a Wild West Sheriff, add a toy gun to become a Gun Slinging Cowgirl, or you can simply carry around a toy horse to add a little flare. However you decide to wear your cowgirl out, we want to hear about it. Share images with us on instagram #lovethoseboots #bootsoverheels and tag us @lovethoseboots or post pictures on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LoveThoseBootsPage