The thought of wearing cowboy boots on your wedding day might sound scary to some brides, but if you grew up a country girl, it’s only natural to wear your boots on the big day. However, you don’t need to be a country girl to pull off this unique look. When deciding on which boot is best for your big day there are a few important things to keep in mind. Keep in mind that the right choice is the one that best reflects your own style and comfort.

Comfort is key: When selecting your wedding day boot always go for a boot that fits comfortably.

Let your personality shine:

The safe look: traditional boots with earthy tones like brown with little to no embellishments or designs will keep all the attention on your gowned while still being unique.

Elegant look: for the bride, who wants a more elegant boot, go for an all white boot with subtle embroidery.

Daring Look: If you are looking for something bold and different, daring colors are a unique way to incorporate a pop of color into your wedding outfit.

You can wear them again: The best part of wearing cowboy boots on your wedding day is the fact you can wear them again! Instead of sitting in your closet collecting dust, you can throw on your boots with any outfit.

If you want to show off your stylish boots opt for a shorter tea-length dress, a retro short one, or go for the daring high-low option. Whatever style dress you chose will go great with your cowboy boots.

Whether you are a cowgirl born a raised or looking for an alternative option for those uncomfortable heels, cowboy boots will give you a unique and stylish option on your wedding day. At we carry a great selection of women boots that you’ll be sure to love. Visit us online, follow us on Instagram @lovethoseboots, and like us on Facebook today.