Cowboy boots are unlike any other pair of shoes, especially leather pairs. That means that their fit and sizing runs a bit differently than, say, a pair of sneakers. While it’s always easier to try on your boots before you buy, you can still order a great pair of Ariat or Justin boots online by knowing a few simple tips and tricks. Keep these pointers in mind to ensure the perfect size for your new boots.

  1. Begin by measuring your feet. Because almost everyone has one foot that is slightly larger than the other, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a bit of variation. Keep the larger size in mind to ensure that your new boots aren’t too tight.
  2. Consider how you’ll wear them. If you think that you’ll likely wear your boots to work outside in a colder climate, leave a bit of extra room for thick socks and to tuck in layers of jeans or long underwear. If you only plan on wearing them for recreation and style, you’re safe to go with your exact foot size.
  3. Use a size chart. When purchasing new boots online, you’ll certainly want to consult the size chart before buying. Only the boot brand knows exactly how their boots run when compared to other shoes, so use this handy chart to match up your foot measurements with the correct sizing. 

size chart

  1. Consider the toe shape. While many cowboy boots have slightly pointed toes, others have squared or rounded toes. No matter what type of toe your chosen boots have, keep in mind that the widest part of your foot should fit comfortably in the widest part of the outsole — if it doesn’t, your boots are likely too small.
pointed toe                                      rounded toe                                        square toe
  1. Consider your foot’s width. While it’s very important to measure the length of your foot, some people have feet that are wider than average. If your foot is a bit on the wider size and the boot brand doesn’t offer a wider style, consider sizing up by one half size.
  2. Remember that leather stretches. While no one should have to suffer with tight, pinching boots, a bit of a snug fit is completely normal when it comes to real leather boots. Because authentic leather stretches with frequent wear, the boots will eventually mold to fit the shape of your feet. Don’t exchange slightly tight boots for a larger size or you may end up with boots that are too large in a few weeks.

When purchasing your perfect pair of brand new cowboy boots from Love Those Boots, you’ll find lots of additional information regarding unique sizing notes for just about every pair. We also offer search features that enable you to browse all of our name brand boots by width, toe style or size to ensure the perfect fit. If you’re still struggling to find the perfect fit for your new boots, simply contact a Love Those Boots customer service representative for additional help with boot sizing.