Buying a new pair of cowboy boots is not cheap, and for many people, it requires a bit of saving before making the purchase. In order to make sure that your new boots last through years of country concerts, summer tailgates and nights out, you’ll want to take proper care of the leather and keep the soles in top condition. Here are a few techniques for not only cleaning, but also protecting your boots.

  1. Treat them with a waterproof protectant. One of the best preventative measures you can take with your boots is to treat them with a waterproof treatment as soon as they arrive. Before you even wear the boots for the first time, apply a store-bought water and stain protector that will treat the leather and repel moisture. Once you wear the boots a few times, apply another coat of the treatment now that the pores of the leather have opened up a bit.
  2. Clean them after each wear. This doesn’t mean that you need to give your boots a complete scrubbing every time you wear them, but be sure to start a habit of wiping off any dust and dirt that may build up on the surface of the boots. Simply wipe the leather using a clean, dry towel, or add a bit of leather conditioner to a cloth to remove more stubborn dirt. 

  1. Use a leather conditioner. Because frequent contact with dirt and dust can cause the leather on your boots to dry out, you’ll want to treat them with a reliable leather conditioner that prevents them from cracking. Do a bit of research to find out what type of conditioner is best for your specific boots, as boots made of rattlesnake and deer-tanned leathers should not be conditioned at all. For standard boot leathers, simply massage the conditioner in with a clean, smooth rag.
  2. Don’t dry your boots. If your boots do happen to get drenched in the rain or in a puddle, don’t dry them in a dryer. Instead, place them in a dry, room temperature area and let them dry out on their own to prevent them from cracking or losing their natural moisture.
  3. Remove them properly. Instead of using the heel of one boot to remove the other boot like you would with your old sneakers, take more care when it comes to your cowboy boots. Invest in a boot jack to help you remove slim-fitting boots, or simply get down on the floor and give them a few gentle tugs while wiggling your foot out.

  1. Store your boots the right way. Maintain the original shape of your cowboy boots by storing them with stiff cardboard folded in the shape of the boot shaft. You’ll also want to store them in a closet or a similar area in your home instead of a damp and humid basement or porch.

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