Warmer weather means a lot more outdoor activities, and for country music lovers, it also means outdoor concerts galore. In between packing your cooler for tailgating and learning all of the words to your favorite songs, you’ll also want to plan the perfect outfit to wear while you’re dancing in your seat. This Country Concert Style Guide from Love Those Boots includes everything you need to know about dressing for all of those upcoming concerts this spring and summer.

  • Choose the perfect boots. No country concertgoer would be seen without a trusty pair of cowboy boots, and Love Those Boots has you covered with all of the latest styles from top name brands. These are sure to keep you comfortable all day and night, and they’ll give you that laid-back Western look that you love. 

  • Add jeans or shorts. If you’re going for a more casual look, jeans or cutoff denim shorts are the perfect choice. These look great with your leather boots, and they’ll feel comfy from the start of the concert until the end of the night.
  • Go for a dress. If you prefer a more feminine look, try pairing your boots with a breezy sundress. A floral print or chambray dress in a shorter length is great for showing off your boots (and getting a nice tan on your legs), while a longer-length maxi dress keeps things current and keeps you a bit more covered up. 

  • Pack a jacket. No matter what the weather is like during the afternoon, you never know when a sudden rain or chill might strike. Pack a lightweight denim jacket to keep you warm, or even tuck a waterproof poncho in your bag for sudden rain showers at outdoor shows.
  • Bring an easy-to-carry bag. From backpacks to cross-body bags, you’ll want to bring a convenient bag that won’t be annoying to carry around. While you want to keep it compact, make sure that your purse or bag has enough space to fit all of the essentials.
  • Keep the accessories to a minimum. Since you’ll likely be mingling, dancing and moving around a lot, keep the accessories more minimal than usual. This will also help you to avoid any snags or tangles if you get caught in a crowd.
  • Choose a low-key hairstyle.  Sure, you want to look your best, but frequent concertgoers will tell you that when it comes to your hair, it’s just not worth it to go with anything too fancy. Stick with a classic long and wavy look in case rain suddenly strikes — or even go for a braided look or a ponytail to keep your hair off of your face completely.
  • Top it off with a hat. Finally, you can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned cowboy hat at a country concert! Whether you choose a fun style with funky details or the tried-and-true hat that you wear every day, you’re sure to fit right in with a wide-brimmed Western hat.