Cowboy boots aren’t just for those living out west; they can be for everyone when you learn fashionable ways to wear them! Decorative boots can look right at home even in the sleekest of attire. Cowboy boots add a stylish and trendy touch that’ll make you kick up your heels!

Wear a simple black dress with a bold shiny metallic boot. To complete the look, pair it with a statement necklace or dangly earing.

  • Wear the same simple black dress but add a pop of color with a bright-unexpected boot; hot pink, green, or turquoise will really make a statement.
  • For those chillier nights, try a pair of black leggings with a funky abstract print or a sequined material.

Whether you’re a city gal looking to expand your wardrobe with a touch of western flair or a cowgirl through-and-through, you will appreciate the unique style you get when wearing a pair of well-crafted and downright flashy cowgirl boots! 

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