Now that you've spent the time on selecting the perfect cowboy boot that fits your style and you've worn them out a few (or few hundred) times.  You might notice them starting to look dirty and have lost some luster. We push the benefits of wearing your boots out to football games, concerts and bars to keep your feet from getting all grimy, dirty but that grime doesn't just magically avoid your boots! Have no fear, cowboy boots are pretty easy to clean and maintain. 

Now since every boot is different there might be some special things you want to take note of before you dive head first into a deep clean/conditioning of your boots. Generally and most simply:

  1. Clean your boots with a soft brush or damp cloth to remove dirt. 
  2. Depending on what type of leather your boots are made of you can apply a conditioner. Be sure to buy the right kind of conditioner for your boot.  Nude/Naked leathers such as Deer tanned, distressed leather and suede are not recommended to be conditioned at all, as it can alter the color of the leather.
  3. Waterproof protector.  Now would be the time to apply this. This will help protect your boots even more and get much more wear out of them. Many boot makers have brands like and recommend on their boots. Ariat recommends Kiwi and Scotchguard. Dan Post doesn't recommend a specific brand but does suggest a Non Silicone stain/water protector.
  4. Air dry.  All leather is subject to drying and cracking, applying direct heat or placing your leather boots near a heat source to dry can speed that process along.  Always let your boots air dry naturally.

Different brand of boots will have some slightly different recommendations on the products to use on their boots.  They made them, they know their product so listen to what they say is best for their leather boots.  If you are in need of a new pair of boots cause your current pair is old and distressed (not on purpose) visit us at LoveThoseBoots or our Facebook page today.