Are you unsure of whether you’re looking for a pair of traditional Western cowboy boots or a more casual pair of ropers? While many people think that there is only one true style of Western boot—that classic, recognizable cowboy boot—once you start to explore your options, you’ll soon realize that there are a number of cowboy boot styles to choose from.

To simplify the buying process and get you into the perfect pair of boots more quickly, we’ve created this helpful buyer’s guide to all of the different boot styles. Just choose the one that’s right for you and you’ll be ready for all of those upcoming country weddings, concerts and other rowdy activities in no time!

  • Classic cowboy boots. These iconic cowboy boots are the ones that you will likely recognize most. They feature a shaft that extends to mid-calf, an angled heel of about 1½ inches and a slightly pointed toe. They are also often decorated with Western cutout patterns in a different color leather. 

classic boots

classic boots

  • Riding boots. Unlike cowboy boots, riding boots have a smoother surface without as much elaborate detail and a higher stacked heel of about 2 inches. Like cowboy boots, however, they feature a pointed or very slightly rounded toe, and they extend to mid-calf or a bit higher. 

riding boots

  • Roper boots.Roper boots are a bit lower than cowboy boots, extending only just above the ankle (about 7 to 10 inches high). They also differ from cowboy boots in that their heels measure only around 1 to 1 ½-inch high and have a squared shape that is signature to this style of boot. Ropers are often decorated with similar details to other Western boots, but aren’t quite as elaborate. 

roper boot

  • Western fashion boots. If you’re going for fashion more than function, you’ll find a wide selection of classic Western boots that don’t have quite the bulky, stiff feel of a pair of traditional boots. These boots vary in shaft height and heel height, but they are often slim-fitting with heels that are a bit higher than the usual cowboy boot heels. It’s easy to spot a pair of Western fashion boots because of their incredibly decorative, intricate details, however; things like cutout details with very bright, colorful leather inlays are common, as are rhinestone details or metal studs along the edges. 

fashion western boots

When choosing the perfect style of Western boot, you’ll want to consider what you’ll use it for the most. Do you frequently ride horses, or are you looking for something more to wear to country concerts and other fun events? Do you need something with a flat heel that’s easy to walk in, or are you looking for a boot with a stacked heel that makes your legs look a mile long? Your boots should make you look your best and feel ready for anything, and Love Those Boots offers a wide selection of boots from all styles to help you find the perfect pair.


If you already own the perfect pair of Western boots, tell us about them in the comments below—or, better yet, post a photo of yourself in your boots!