For this weeks blog post we reached out to Alexandra Dileo from to talk about a passion that we share with her, Football and Country Boots. Continue reading to get some style tips to look your absolute best during game day!

Hi y’all!

Fall Football season is officially here! Are you getting excited about cheering on your favorite team on this season? I know I am!  Every football season comes with exciting tailgates, game day parties, and those awesome trips to your favorite team’s stadium. On such important and exciting occasions, how are you going to proudly sport your team’s colors?  How are you going to tie together the perfect game day outfit?  A must-have in my game day attire this fall is cowboy boots!  Cowboy boots go with just about everything, and they make just about any outfit pop with game day fashion. You can pair them easily with jeans, shorts, colored pants, and skirts. However, my favorite outfit to pair cowboy boots with is an awesome game day dress! As a recent graduate of LSU and growing up on football Saturdays in Louisiana, cowboy boots and game day dresses go together like bees and honey! This clever combination can be found at just about any tailgate party on a Saturday outside of Tiger Stadium.

 LSU Tigers          Ready to cheer on my LSU Tigers!

 Having recently moved to Michigan, I have stayed true to my Southern roots by continuing to sport my cowboy boots on game days at the Big House while cheering on my brother, Drew, as he plays Wide Receiver for the Wolverines on Saturdays. 


 My Brother Drew and I after another win for the Michigan Wolverines!

Although cowboy boots are not as common in Michigan, I have gotten a lot of positive feedback and questions about where one can find cowboy boots and just how to pair them with their game day attire. With cowboy boots, there are so many awesome options to pair with your game day outfit. There are different kinds of colors and unique styles that will accommodate just about anyone’s fashion taste, especially at

 outfit 2



One of my favorite pair of boots is the Texarkana Tulips Vintage Cowgirl Boots by Justin Boots. The boot’s floral pattern match perfectly with those sundresses that I love and Justin’s Boots J-Flex Flexible Comfort System keep me cool and comfortable from the tailgate to the end the game.

outfit 1 


When I want my boots to make a bit more of a statement, I choose the Kentucky Vintage Bluebird Fashion Western Boots by Dan Post Boots These are perfect with a simpler dress since the boots will make any outfit. Above I paired it with a Maize dress to make a statement at my next game in the Big House!  

There so many options for awesome cowboy boots that can be paired with your gameday outfit!  What kinds of gameday trends are you going to be wearing this fall?  Cowboy boots are a sure way to make any outfit stand out! Pick out the right outfit and chose the boots that will leave everyone talking about your game day outfit! 

Put On Your Saturday’s Best!

Alexandra Dileo


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