Q&A: Understanding Different Types of Boots

Don't you just love how cute and comfortable cowboy boots are? If you've ever owned "the perfect pair," it's your go-to footwear item whether you're out in the pasture or out on the town. But once that old pair wears out, shopping for a new one can be confusing. It's even harder if you are looking for your first pair!

Boot product descriptions contain information about different types of toes, widths, colors, materials, soles and sizes. This is a lot to keep up with compared to your average shoe! That's why we've developed a Q&A section to demystify the selection process for you.

What type of toe should I choose?

One of the first things you'll notice when shopping for boots is the variety of toe styles. The more you try to figure out what kinds are available, the more confused you'll probably be. Like what's a J toe?

The first thing you need to know is that different companies use different names for their toe styles. For example, a common style is a snip toe. Ariat Boots calls it an X toe and Justin Boots calls it a J3 toe. Clear as mud?

At Love Those Boots, we want to make your decisions easier. That's why we simply use four terms to describe toe styles:

  • Snip toe
  • Pointed toe
  • Round toe
  • Square toe

Snip Toe

Ship Toe Visual  This style of toe is very narrow at the tip with a square cut. It fits similarly to a pointed toe boot, but it looks like it's been "snipped" at the end. Snip toes are most common in women’s fashion boots. They're versatile and stylish, perfect for a night out with a cute dress or your favorite jeans.


Snip Toe Model For comfort with the narrow design, we often recommend purchasing a half size up.

 Pointed Toe

 Pointed Toe Visual

This style looks like an upside-down V when you're looking down. The toe gets narrower starting at the ball of your foot until it forms a point. Similar to the snip toe, it's a common style for women's fashion and looks great with dresses, jeans and shorts. The right pair will look stunning when you're dressing up to go out.

 Pointed Toe Model

 With the narrow design, we often recommend purchasing a size up for comfort.

Round Toe 

Round Toe Visual  

This style creates an upside down U shape. Round toes are not as narrow as pointed or snip toes, but their widths vary quite a bit. Some are very round and wide while others are narrower. Your toes will have a lot more wiggle room in a round toe design, making these boots ideal for casual wear or even as work boots, especially the Roper collection.

Round Toe Model

Note that this style is typically true to size.

Square Toe

Square Toe Visual 

This style has a more box-shaped toe. Like a round toe, it comes in various widths but isn't as narrow as a pointed or snip toe. A very wide square toe boot is sometimes called a broad square toe.Your feet will fit comfortably in a square toe, and you'll still be fashionable. This is a versatile style that will work great for casual wear but will still dress you up a bit.


Square Toe Model  

Note that this style is typically true to size.


What's Your Favorite Boot Toe?

We always love to hear from our customers. Is there a toe that you prefer, all the time or for different occasions? Tell us why! Share with us by tagging us on Instagram @lovethoseboots and using hashtags #lovethoseboots #bootsoverheels. Or post pictures on our Facebook page!