Everyone knows that jeans and cowboy boots are the perfect pair, but if you’re looking for a way to add even more denim to your Western look, a chambray shirt is the way to go. If you’re unsure of how to style this casual yet feminine look, here are some tips for wearing chambray shirts and laid-back boots.

Low Booties 
If you’re looking to create a modern look with your chambray shirt, try pairing it with a pair of feminine leather booties.  These ankle-height boots have a fashion-forward feel that looks great with skinny jeans — just make sure to choose a pair in a contrasting shade from your chambray shirt. On top, keep things simple by buttoning your shirt up and doing a half-tuck in the front. 

Cowboy Boots 
For girls who prefer a more classic Western look for country concerts or rodeos, try pairing your chambray shirt with cowboy boots. Wear them underneath a pair of flared, distressed jeans, or even try a flared black skirt to show off your legs. Add a turquoise belt or a leather belt with a large, silver belt buckle. Both of these looks are perfect with a light-wash chambray shirt tucked in on top. 

Boho Boots 
For fans of fringe, these kinds of embellished, boho-style boots look perfect with a chambray shirt. Try pairing your chambray with a long, maxi dress, and be sure to leave it unbuttoned or even give it a casual tie around the waist. Wear this bohemian look with a pair of leather boots covered in swingy fringe, or try something with silver details and bright colors.