Even if you don’t live anywhere near an actual farm, it’s easy to add that country look that you love to your upcoming wedding. With some rustic flair and a few affordable details, you’re sure to have the cowgirl wedding of your dreams with these simple tips from Love Those Boots. Read on to find 10 simple ways to add country style to your wedding.

  1. Choose a dress with a more casual flair. If you’re not exactly the fashionista type, choose a dress that’s just as laid-back as you are. Something with a shorter hemline or boho-style lace would make a great choice for a rustic wedding, and you can’t go wrong with a vintage gown or a family frock from your mother or grandmother.
  2. Rock your bridal boots. Instead of wearing heels, invest in a great pair of cowboy boots that you can wear under your dress. Even if you keep things elegant on top, this will ensure that you have that down-home feel that you love. 

  1. …And even rock bridal party boots, too. Why stop at the bride? Dress your whole bridal party in Western boots, from the bridesmaids and groomsmen all the way down to the smallest flower girl.
  2. Make flower crowns for the ladies. For the women and girls in your wedding, skip the fancy up-do and style their hair in a rustic flower crown. You can make them yourself from fresh flowers in the colors of your wedding, or you can buy them online from a number of bridal boutiques.
  3. Give the men matching cowboy hats. For the men in the wedding, have everyone wear a sharp cowboy hat that matches the suits or tuxedos. This is an especially good option for outdoor summer weddings, as it will keep the sun out of their eyes.
  4. Wrap your bouquets in burlap. Keep things simple even when it comes to the wedding flowers by making your own arrangements and tying them together with baling twine or burlap. This will create a rustic look and save you a bundle on florist fees.